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Tassinong Farms Food & Wine and Tassinong Farms LLC permanently closed on July 23, 2019.

We have enjoyed growing fresh, hydroponic greens all year long and serving them to you in our restaurant and wine bar, selling them to your families and to other local restaurants.

No amount of thanks can be enough to our customers, supporters and cheerleaders over the years in helping us to spread the word that greens and salads can be yummy (even for kids!) and that they can be grown locally and sustainably at 9,000 feet elevation and any other climate-challenged community.  

If you share a passion for this like Tassinong Farms does then take our experience and run with it, grow with it and start your own local hydroponic farm for your community.  Do your research on options available, there are plenty out there, and become a local food hero. Be proud every day of what you are doing for yourself and your community.

Now go forth and grow,

Kate Looft
Head of Lettuce, Tassinong Farms LLC 


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